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B&T Buzz for April 2023

The B&T Buzz - April 2023

B&T Celebrates Nontraditional Scholar, Star Scholars of the 9 weeks, Teacher of the Year, and a Fun Day prior to State Testing.
McComb School District Fine Arts Department News 2023

McComb School District Fine Arts Department News 2023

Computer Science and Engineering, a class offered at the Business and Technology Complex, uses Google Draw to create digital mosaic art representing some of society's technological advancements and inventors.

The visual artwork will be on display in the district-wide art gallery at the 2023 Arts Alive Festival.

Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.

The B&T Buzz

The B&T Buzz - January 2023

B&T names Superstars, welcomes a new staff member, talks about owl vomit, and more in this issue. You've got to read it!
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In the Spotlight

Our Mission:
The mission of the McComb School District is to become a premier, world-class school system where student success is inevitable and each student is cultivated to become fierce competitors in a global society.
We Believe that:
I.     Every individual matters therefore, his or her opinions and voice should be heard, represented, and respected
II.    Every individual should have the opportunity to achieve his or her goals and dreams
III.   People should open their minds to new ideas
IV.   Collaboration and cooperation are essential for success
V.    Communities should be highly engaged
VI.   Every individual can rise to high standards
VII.  Every individual should be held accountable
VIII. Character counts

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The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.