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Menus & Prices

Menus & Prices

McComb is operating under a provision grant from the USDA. The grant enables students in K-8 to have their meals free of charge. Prices below are for high school students and adults.
Student breakfast
  • Full Price $1.00
  • Reduced Price $0.30

A student breakfast includes*
  • One Entrée
  • One Juice
  • One Milk

A student may decline one breakfast component but must pay the complete breakfast price.*

Student lunch
  • Full Price $1.75
  • Reduced Price $0.40

A student lunch includes**
  • One Entrée
  • One Bread or Bread Alternative
  • Two Different Fruit, Vegetable, Juice
  • One Milk

Any meal item can also be added with the purchase of a complete meal.
  • One Entrée $1.75
  • Fruit or Vegetable $0.50
  • Milk or Juice $0.50

Students must select a minimum of these meal components to make a complete lunch but still mustpay the complete meal lunch price.**


Adult Breakfast $2.00
Breakfast Entrée $1.50
Fruit or Juice $0.50
Milk $0.50

Adult Lunch $3.00
Salad with Beverage $3.00
Lunch Entrée $2.00
Fruit or Vegetable $0.50
Bread or Grain $0.50
Milk $0.50
Iced Tea $0.50

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